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Mexico City stray dog.

Mission Statement :

Dogs of Mexico City is a project to document the stray dogs on the streets of Mexico City, to enhance the awareness of the conditions in which these poor dogs live and die. Millions of homeless dogs wander the streets and depend on garbage and the kindness of people to survive. They are often rounded up by city officials and exterminated by electrocution. Nearly 20,000 dogs a month suffer this fate. This site honors the animals with their images.

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Stray dogs are a problem throughout the world but Mexico City is a catastrophe. In some places there are more dogs than people. Photos of dogs from neighborhoods throughout the city are continually being added to this site as evidence of the growing problem. Awareness and donations can lead to a more humane existence for many of the dogs as well as a compassionate demise when it is necessary with humane euthanasia. Of course there are many dog lovers in Mexico City. In fact it is the poor who seem to care for the street dogs. Perhaps they identify with their plight. This site is also a dedication to the stray dogs of Mexico City, to honor them and the people who feed them.


Some of the photos are appropriated from Google Maps street view and are protected by copyright. They are not for sale or for profit but are being used to document dogs in Mexico City.

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"Their suffering knows no borders and neither does our compassion. It is as simple as that."

Dog electrocutions in Mexico.